Master of Arts Program
Russian Studies (International/Interdisciplinary Program)
(New Program 2008)


  1. Title Master of Arts Program in Russian Studies (International/Interdisciplinary Program)
  1. Degree Master of Arts M.A.

     3. Transcript Field of Study: Russian Studies

  1. Type of the Program

               Program management
                         International program
                         English program
               Financial management
                         Special program

  1. Responsible parties

                         The Faculty of Political Science
                         The Faculty of Economics
                         The Faculty of Arts
                         The Faculty of Allied and Fine Arts
                         The Russian Studies Center
                         The Graduate School
                         Chulalongkorn University

  1. Collaboration with other work units
    1. This program is a collaboration with other work units at Chulalongkorn University; namely, the Center for European Studies and the Asian Studies Institute, taking the form of teaching by faculty members.
    2. The program will have no collaboration from outside Chulalongkorn University.
  1. Program’s Philosophy, Objectives, Characteristics of Desired Graduates and Need for Graduates

    Program’s Philosophy:

    To respond to the country’s need for personnel who have a knowledge and understanding of Russia and the Russians and to promote academic potential with regard to Russia among the Thai people.


    1. To produce M.A. graduates who are knowledgeable in the Russian economy, society, politics, international relations, culture, ethnic groups, way of life, business and industry.  They should be competent in the four skills of Russian —listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    2. To create a new body of knowledge in Russian Studies in a context that covers all levels of the relationship in Eurasia and in the world.

    Characteristics of Desired Graduates
  1. Knowledgeable in Russia in diverse fields such as economics, society, politics, international relations, culture, ethnic groups, way of life, business and industry.
  2. Having acquired skills in seeking and analyzing information.
  3. Adhering to morality, ethics and professional codes.

           Need for Graduates
                      There is a need in Thailand for a large number of graduates who know about Russia both in the government sector, academia, diplomatic circles, commerce, the tourist sector and information services and in the business sector which is involved with importation, exportation and investment. At present, only two academic institutions produce graduates majoring in Russian (Russian language and Russian Studies) and each year they are able to produce only 100 graduates.  This means that there is still a great need for graduates who are knowledgeable about Russia.

                The Program that is proposed resembles does not resemble any other course offered by other Programs at University. This kind of program is not offered in other universities; there is no program of this kind at a graduate level. The proposed program will receive collaboration from universities abroad:and this will be collaboration in the category of Collaborative Degree Programs Double Degree Programs Various foreign universities have been investigated and their programs consulted in the planning of this Program. The time of the launch of the new program will be the second semester of the academic year 2009.
Characteristics of incoming students

  1. Having a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study.
  2. Those choosing to do Plan B will have to have at least one-year’s work experience,
  3. Other characteristics will have to comply with announcements which will be announced annually by the Graduate School or the Program’s Administrative Board and will constitute what they consider essential for eligibility for the Program.

    Selection of Incoming Students

                         This shall comply with the Application Manual issued by the Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University, which is published on a yearly basis.

           Educational System
                         Based on the tri-semester credit system; each academic year will be divided into three semesters - the first, second and third semester, each of which will be at least 15 weeks in duration.


                         The Program comprises one academic year and students may enrol for no more than four academic years, starting from the first semester when they are accepted.


                         Not more than 15 credits in each semester

    Assessment and graduation

     Course assessment will be according to grades A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D and F.

           Thesis assessment will be based on the scheme of Very Good, Good, Pass and Fail.

           A research paper based on the thesis or being part of the thesis must be published or accepted for publication in academic journals or must be presented to an academic conference with published proceedings.

    Quality Assurance

Reliant on Chulalongkorn University Quality Assurance (CU-CQA) in program monitoring.  The CU-CQA system has quality factors that cover all items in the Announcement of the Ministry of Education Stipulating Standards of the

      Program Administration

The Program is administered by the Board of the Master’s Degree Program in Russian Studies (International/Interdisciplinary), which will map the direction and set the objectives of the Program, manage the planning and monitor the results of the operation so as to obtain self-assessment and employ the results in its continual development, which is in accordance with the philosophy, mission and policy of the Center.

      Teaching/Learning Resources
  1. Teaching/learning materials: organizing short-term and medium term operational and budgetary planning.
  2. Personnel: specifying plans and processes in the development of teaching staff in terms of teaching and conducting research.
  3. Classrooms and laboratory:  assessing the need for resources to support learning and help it achieve the Program’s objectives.
    1. Student Support and Consultation

Organizing academic activities for the development and promotion of student potential and experience in various areas and supporting the student research for their theses and their publication.

    1. Need from the Job Market and Society as well as/or/ Satisfaction from Employers of the graduates

The Program will monitor and assess its graduates and their research quality to ensure that its product, both in terms of graduates and research, pertains to the needs of society.  Assessment results will be used for the improvement or development of the Program.

    Program Development

     The Program will be updated, demonstrating its academic standard and quality index every five years. It will undergo its first assessment in 2013 and make use of the results for its improvement or development.  The academic standard and quality indexes are as follows:

  1. Student graduation according to the deadline.
  2. The percentage of students who are granted research funds.
  3. The number of theses that win awards.
  4. The number of papers from theses that are published in national or international journals and presented at national or international seminars or conferences.



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